New 2021 Collection Dropping Soon!


Get excited Chic Geeks!

Our long anticipated 2021 line

is getting ready to drop!

Even with some setbacks with Covid and just 2020 being the year of jackassery, we have been hard at work getting our new collection out for all you. We are sooo excited and know you will be too when you see these amazing designs.

We will be featuring 5 Colorways/Textile Patterns with 7 incredible pieces. All perfect for your geek chic capsule wardrobe.

One textile is BRAND NEW and has not been released previously. It is a gorgeous print with just the hint of geekiness to feed your fandom. It will make you feel like you have a secret handshake with other fellow chic geeks. 

If you'd like to be one of the first to pre-order, please sign up to be on our e-mail list and follow us on INSTAGRAM. We will be offering first dibs to our e-mail list and then 2nd dibs to our IG followers. You will also get a special gift with your order from this collections so make sure you don't miss out!

Lots of geeky love,

Sandra B.

(Head Geek Fashionista)