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Sandra B., Fashion/Textile Designer and Owner of Heroicouture

An original fangirl who grew up inspired by Lynda Carter’s Wonder Woman and other strong, female heroes, Sandra L. Botero knows fangirls don’t “age out” of their geeky passions. And those fangirls need something to wear. 

“As a child, I watched the Wonder Woman television series and that was the gateway to this great genre,” Sandra said. I loved that she was strong, intelligent, independent, and still feminine. I even took karate as a kid because I wanted to be able to fight like her.

 As an adult, Sandra realized there weren’t a lot of geek fashion options for women, aside from men’s T-shirts, which she would style and embellish to suit her. One day, I decided I was going to make my own dress to fit me, in a style that I liked with Wonder Woman,” she recalled“I wore this to a comic convention and was asked repeatedly by women (and even men) where I got my dress. I then realized that there was a need that wasn’t being filled.

 A self-described “curvy Latina,” Sandra founded Heroicouture with a mission of creating clothes, scarves, handbags, and other accessories featuring fun, original fabric designs that cater to an overlooked demographic of “chic geeks.” 

I started Heroicouture because I saw a need for clothing that was fandom in nature but that was not ‘junior’-type clothing,” Sandra saidI am a lifelong fan, a curvy woman, as well as being over the age of 30. There just wasn’t anything out there for me to wear in which I felt comfortable.

“We cater to women of any age who just want something different that they can wear to work or a gathering and feel chic and sophisticated while discreetly showing their passion for different geek genres.

When she was younger, Sandra dreamed of becoming a fashion designer, so it’s a happy twist of fate that she now creates fabrics and fashion featuring popular fandoms and strong female characters, whether comic book heroines or real-life icons like Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. 

As CEO and founder of Heroicouture, Sandra is committed to inclusivity, consistent sizing, and creating more choices for womenInclusivity is something very, very important to me,” Sandra saidOptions for curvy women are very limited. Especially curvy women that aren't juniors. I think everyone should have the opportunity to wear clothes they like no matter the size or age. The more choices women have, the better. No one should be left out of the fun because of their size or age!”

When she’s not living the artist alley/convention life with her husband, comic book colorist Paul Mounts, Sandra calls St. Petersburg, Florida, home. 

Made in the USA

Heroicouture began as a custom order business with Sandra sewing every piece by hand. Today, the company’s apparel and accessories are handmade in Florida factories that use ethical and sustainable practices, saving water and producing minimal waste. They also provide jobs for women, in keeping with Sandra’s philosophy of women helping women.

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